Roman Hills

Located 18 miles south of Rome, this volcanic hills are covered by vineyards and olive trees. From the many craters once in this area two are now days beautiful lakes: Albano and Nemi. Since the middle age the Popes have decided to spend the summer in Castelgandolfo a little town on an hill facing the bigger lake and still today is here were the Holy Father passes two months in the summertime. Proceeding south on our tour we will pass Albano an important roman city which gives the name to the lake and Genzano famous for the Flower festival and the bread, Nemi, on the second and smaller lake place of naval ceremony under Caligula and Nero, Rocca di Papa as the name says, the Papal Rock, the tallest of the towns on the hills surrounded by chestnuts plantations and finally we will reach Frascati the more important for his history and culinary tradition where we’ll have lunch tasting the local food and wine.