Sacro Speco

Located east of Rome the town of Subiaco derives the name from the majestic villa of emperor Nero which was built at the intersection of few artificial lakes and from which are still visible the ruins. Religiously Subiaco became famous for his Benedictine Monasteries. Saint Benedict, in fact, decided to live in contemplation of God and retired in a cave above the Aniene river, and the grotto became the cradle of the Benedictine Order. In the 12C was built a sanctuary monastery above the grotto of the Saint called Sacro Speco which afterward was embellished by wall paintings of the Magister Consolus first, the school of Siena and the school of Umbria after. The Monastery today is an highly scenic architectural complex as was built on different levels in the rock face of the mountain and shows inside a complicated labyrinth of rooms, small churches, chapels few of which carved in the rock, narrow corridors and larger churches with the walls covered by precious decoration of wall paintings of different periods. Among the works inside the portrait of Saint Francis is the only representation of the poor of Assisi.