Subterranean Rome

Discover the fascinating underground of Rome with this tour starting with the visit of the church of San Clemente near the Colosseum where we will descend to the level of the city at the time of Nero and walk through an house transformed into a church and the imperial mint. After we will step up to the upper level to visit the church of the 9C built above the previous area of Nero’s time and finally visit the church of the 12C one level above. From here we will proceed to one of the seven hills of Rome the Caelian where we will visit the Roman Houses formed by few rooms with frescoes, an Oratory, a Nymphaeum as well as an alley and a Wine Cellar. The last visit will be the Mithraeum, a place sacred to the God Mithra an oriental cult very popular in Rome in the 3C, located in a subterranean area below the Circus Maximus. We will discover the rooms forming the sanctuary: the sacrifice room were the bulls were sacrificed to the God and his blood collected in a vase located in the center and surrounded all around by the banks for the believers, the sacristy for the dressing and the votive objects and the service rooms