The Catacombs of Rome

Saint Sebastian
sebastian catacombsOpened near a quarry of a volcanic earth called pozzolana along the Appian way, which galleries abandoned in the 1C are at the origins of the cemetery. Inside has a Triclia , the loggia of a 1C villa, 3 mausoleums of the 2C, the memory of SS. Peter and Paul and a basilica of the 4C.

Saint Callixtus
callixtus catacombsIs the oldest official cemetery of the Christian community of Rome. Derives the name from the Deacon Callixtus assigned by pope Zefirinus to administrate the cemetery. Inside has the Crypt of the popes where 9 popes been buried and the crypt of Lucina with a fresco of the Good Shepard.

Saint Domitilla
domitilla catacombsOriginated from few sepulchers built on lands properties of Flavia Domitilla which donated them to her libertis. Contains the tombs of SS. Nereous and Achilleus on top of which has been built a basilica in the 4C; the arcosoil of St. Veneranda, the cubicle of the Good Shepard with frescoes.
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Saint Priscilla
priscilla catacombsTakes the name from the matron Priscilla which name appears several times on the walls. Located on an abandoned quarry which galleries been reused houses inside the Greek chapel of the 2C with the adoration of the Magi and the oldest representation of the Virgin with the Baby.

Saint Commodilla
commodilla catacombsTakes the name from a roman Lady owner of the place. Has inside the tombs of the martyrs Felix and Adautto to which has been dedicated the basilica in the Crypt there are many frescoes among which the Traditio Clavium of the 5C and the fresco of the Virgin in throne with the Baby.

of Via Latina
via latina catacombsDated 4C was intended for a restricted number of families. Inside are many frescoes with pagan themes reused in a christian optic : Adam and Eva, Lot and Sodoma, Jakob’s dream, the resurrection of Lazarus, Medicine’s lesson and Hercules kills the Hydra.