The Palaces of Rome

Vatican Museums
creation of adamThe splendid residences of the Popes of the Renaissance enriched and transformed in museums offer a fantastic collection of art among which the Sistine Chapel masterwork of Michelangelo and the apartments of pope Julius II frescoed by Raphael are absolutely worth a visit.
*included in the tour Vatican City

Borghese Gallery
navona squareOnce the summer residence of the Borghese family was adapted by Cardinal Scipione, nephew of Pope Paul V, as his own private art collection. Bernini sculptures, Caravaggio canvases and Canova’s statue of Pauline Borghese are the highlights of the collection.

Barberini Palace
barberini palaceThis splendid residence was acquired by the Italian Government and houses the National Gallery of Antique Art. Inside works of Raphael, Pietro da Cortona and Bronzino, among others and the architectural contribute of Bernini, Maderno and Borromini

Villa Farnesina
villa farnesinaLocated along the Tiber River the Villa of the banker Agostino Chigi who committed Raphael to decorate its interior, is an excellent example of the painting of the Renaissence. Futures the Triumph of Galatea, the Loggia as well as the frescoes of Sodoma and Peruzzi.

Saint Angel’s Castle
saint angel's castle stepsOnce the tomb of emperor Hadrian was transformed into a fortress in the 15 hundred and used as Residence by Popes like Clemens VII and Paul III. This Castle offers the central nucleus of the imperial tombs, splendid wall painted Halls, Lodges an a marvelous view from the terrace.

Capitoline Museums
she wolfOn top of the Capitoline hill, facing the square, this collection of art is the first public museum of the history opened by pope Clemens XII in 1735. The Roman section with artworks and masterworks and the pinacoteca with splendid paintings are the highlights.