The Squares of Rome

Navona Square
navona squareOnce the stadium of Domitian of the 1C, of which maintains the shape, has been embellished by Bernini in the 17C commissioned by pope Innocent X and decorated by three splendid fountains: the four rivers fountain, the Moro fountain and the Neptune fountain.
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Venice Square
venice squareTopographic center of Rome, is dominated by the Vittoriano, the monument of the first king of Italy Victor Emanuel II, which contains the tomb of the unknown solders; is framed by the 15C Venice palace from which balcony Mussolini use to held his speeches.

Barberini Square
barberini squareLocated near the palace of the omonimous powerful family of the 17C, has been decorated with the Triton fountain by Bernini commissioned by Maffeo Barberini elected pope with the name of Urban VIII. In a corner is also the cute Bees fountain by Bernini as well.

Piazza di Spagna
spanish stepsFamous for the Spanish steps built by the architect De Santis in 1726 as a monumental staircase to the Holy Trinity of the Mountains church above, has been enriched with the Barcaccia fountain a work of Pietro Bernini father of the famous Gian Lorenzo .
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Capitol Square
capitoline hillOn top of the Capitoline hill, ancient religious center of Rome where Jupiter’s and Juno’s temples were located, has been reoriented by Michelangelo, wich elegant design make of this square one of the most beautiful of the city. Seat of the Capitoline museum and of the city hall.

Piazza del Popolo
piazza del popoloThe project of the architect Valadier during the french occupation of the 19C has added statues and fountains to complete the previous embellishments added by Bernini and Fontana:the Flaminian gate, the twin churches and the obelisk of Ramses II dated 1200 BC.